The Big Picture

Let’s get right to the point.

The media is in crisis. Traditional revenues are down and talented reporters are getting layoff notices and buyout offers. Meanwhile, propaganda-peddling stooges and “fake news” websites have more influence than ever over public discourse.

This isn’t good for anyone.

It isn’t good for Saskatonians, who need factual information to understand and participate in the city, province and world they live in. It isn’t good for local artists, authors and musicians, who use Planet S coverage to leverage national attention and support grant applications. And it obviously isn’t good for journalists, who, like most people, can’t work for free.

But there’s some good news in these troubled times: it’s not too late!

By donating or subscribing to Planet S, you’ll be supporting a unique, locally owned media outlet that’s covered this city and province for more than two decades. Your support will strengthen our reporting by making it possible for us to keep working with the best writers we can find.

Even better: you’ll never miss an issue of what Monocle magazine calls our “sharp, local reporting”!

Subscribing or donating to Planet S is the best way to directly support a sharp, playful, left-of-centre newspaper that has for 15 years been this city’s best source of progressive perspectives on critical issues such as poverty, affordable housing, privatization, student debt, climate change and, more recently, the rise of far-right radicalism.

And it’s not just news and analysis — your generous support will help us continue and even expand our coverage of books, music, art and film.

The bottom line: these are tough times. And in tough times, we all need to stick together. With your help, Planet S will remain a unique part of Saskatchewan’s political, social and cultural dialogue for years to come.

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Q & A

Why should I subscribe to Planet S when I can pick it up anywhere in Saskatoon for free?

Planet S is proudly free and always will be! That said, subscriptions give our readers like you an easy way to support our news, politics, arts, science and other coverage. Running a newspaper is expensive, and these are tough times for media outlets. If readers like you step up, Planet S can do more than just survive — we can thrive. And that means more quality news and cultural coverage, which is something we all want!

Why are you doing this now?

These are challenging times for all media, whether national newspaper chains or loveable, independent fishwrappers like Planet S. We don’t receive grants or subsidies of any kind — all our revenue has come from advertisers, the vast majority from local organizations and businesses. If we’re going to publish the kind of paper we believe you want (and know we want to produce for you), that’s just not enough anymore.

Is Planet S really worth supporting?

You bet! Saskatoon needs a strong media voice that nudges public discourse towards fact-based policy and progressive values. In a province with far-right extremists, religious reactionaries, privatization-pushing politicians and climate change deniers, that voice is needed more than ever.

Saskatchewan was the birthplace of medicare. Nowadays it feels more like a cranky conservative jamboree. This place definitely needs Planet S — and Planet S needs you!

What’s in it for me?

With a subscription, Planet S is mailed to you every two weeks and you’ll never miss an issue! Was the street box empty? Were you stuck at home with a cold and couldn’t pick the latest issue up? Doesn’t matter — you’re covered!

Subscribers also get gift cards and passes to some of Saskatoon’s best local shops, businesses, restaurants and events, as well as unique Planet S merch!

So you really think I should support you?

We sure do! This is a big deal for us — a new and exciting chapter for Planet S. With your help, we’ll be able to invest in the stories and features we all care about. So what do you say?

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