Aiiieeeee!!! Canada: 31 Days Of Horror – The Brood

Nola Carveth (Samantha Eggar) is going through a tough divorce. She’s in a custody battle with her husband, Frank (Art Hindle) for their daughter Candace (Cindy Hinds). At the same time, she’s been seeing psychotherapist Hal Raglan (Oliver Reed) at the Somafree Institute. Raglan uses a treatment he calls “psychoplasmics”, where patients let go of their emotions through changes in their bodies. And Nola definitely has some emotions she needs to release: urns tout she’s a very disturbed woman who was abused as a child by her mother.

Then Nola’s mother is murdered by a disturbing, goblin-looking thing while she’s looking after Candice for Frank.┬áNext, Nola’s father is killed–also by a little strange creature.

At least it looks like Nola has responded to the treatment well. A little too well. Frank is convinced that something sinister is happening at Somafree.
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Aiiieeeee!!! Canada: 31 Days Of Horror – The Mask

There’s a chill in the air, the leaves are changing and twilight falls upon us sooner and sooner. That means that it’s time for another 31 Days of Horror, my annual horror movie blog series. In honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary, the theme is Canadian horror movies.

Canada’s film industry has always been overshadowed by the Americans, who dominate screens big and small. That said, we’ve managed to put out some pretty amazing movies, and we’re particularly good at horror. To start things off, we have what’s considered Canada’s first horror movie: 1961’s The Mask, a.k.a. Eyes of Hell.
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31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – Alien

space the spooky frontierSo ends another year of 31 Days of Horror. Next year in honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary I’ll be focuses on Canadian horror movies. To end this year’s theme I leave with the classic that kick started a franchise that’s still going today and spawned a hundred rip-offs like Galaxy of Terror, Forbidden World, Xtro, Horror Planet, Creature, Alien 2: On Earth, Parasite and many many more.

The spaceship the Nostromo is returning home to Earth when the crew is awakened to a distress call. The call is coming from nearby planet that’s devoid of life. The crew go down to the planet and find a giant alien spaceship that has crashed on the planet. Inside is a large fossilized alien that seems to have died from something bursting out of it’s chest. Kane (John Hurt) finds a bunch of eggs that covered by a sort of mist. He looks into one of the eggs and something attaches itself to his face.
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31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – The Thing

space the spooky frontierIn the Antarctic life in an isolated American research station is disrupted when a Norwegian helicopter appears chasing a dog. The Norwegians seem intent on killing the animal. One of the men has a rifle is shooting at the dog.

The helicopter lands just outside the American base and the pilot grabs a thermite charge but ends up dropping it blowing himself and the helicopter up. The dog runs up to the Americans who have gathered to see what all the commotion is about and the man with the gun ends up shooting one of the Americans. Garry (Donald Moffat) shots back and kills the Norwegian.
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31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

space the spooky frontierDr. Miles J. Bennell (Kevin McCarthy) arrives home in the small town of Santa Mira from a conference to find that he has a ton of patients waiting to see him. When he gets to his office he finds that most of the patients have left but the ones who remain all seem to claim the same thing. A close loved one is suddenly an imposter.

Dr. Bennell runs into ex-girlfriend Becky Driscoll (Dana Wynter) who has just recently returned from abroad. Becky’s cousin has the same concern about Becky’s Uncle. Becky gets Dr. Bennell to take a look and Bennell decides it’s psychological and sends Becky’s cousin to a psychiatrist. Later Dr. Bennell talks to psychiatrist Dr. Dan Kauffman who says there seems to be an outbreak of mass hysteria of people thinking that other people have been replaced.
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31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – They Live

space the spooky frontierA drifter (Roddy Piper) finds construction work in L.A. He befriends fellow worker Frank (Keith David). Frank takes to a shanty town that Frank lives in.

While there Piper notices some strange activity at the local church. When he goes into the church he finds it empty. A tape recorder is playing a choir and the place is filled with equipment and hidden boxes of sunglasses. Later police raid the shanty town and the church. Piper escapes and returns to the church to find it empty but finds the boxes of sunglasses are still there. He takes the box and hides it and takes one of the sunglasses. When he puts it on his world is changed forever.
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31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – Planet Of The Vampires

space the spooky frontierInterplanetary ships the Galliott and the Argos receive a distress call on an uncharted planet. Both ships decide to land and investigate but as the crew of the Argos passes through the planet’s foggy atmosphere they suddenly become possessed with a murderous lust and try to kill each other. Fortunately Captain Mark Markary (Barry Sullivan) has the awesome will to resist and manages to snap his crew out of their bloodlust and land the ship safely.

Unfortunately they’ve lost contact with the Galliott. When they find the Galliott, the crew is all dead having murdered each other. When the Argos crew go to get supplies to open the Galliott’s bridge they find all the dead bodies missing. Soon members of the Argos are getting killed and dead seem to be walking around!
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31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – The Blob

space the spooky frontierOk, this is the last meteor crashing on Earth movie for this 31 Days of Horror. If focusing on Space: The Spooky Frontier has taught me anything is that Earth needs to come up with some sort meteor destroying defense system and fast! Nothing good comes from meteors hitting the Earth just ask the dinosaurs and the vast majority of B-movie victims from sci-fi horror movies.

Anyway in this 1958 classic young Steve Andrews (Steve McQueen) and his girlfriend, Jane Martin (Aneta Corsaut), are making out in lover’s lane when they see a meteor crash near by. They go and investigate and find that an old man (Olin Howland) has beaten them to it and has gone and poked that meteor with a stick causing a weird gelatinous blob to crawl out of the meteor, up the stick and attached it self over the old man’s hand. Steve and Jane take the old man to a doctor.
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31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – Invaders From Mars

space the spooky frontierAwakened by a strange noise young David MacLean (Jimmy Hunt) looks out his window one night and sees a flying saucer land off in the distance in the sandpit behind his house. He tells his parents and his dad George (Leif Erickson) heads off to investigate.

When his father doesn’t return David’s mother Mary (Hillary Brooke) calls the police. They send two officers to investigate but they both disappear in the sandpit too. Suddenly George returns but is now different. There’s red mark on the back of his neck and he’s acting cold and distant. David begins noticing behavior changes in more of the townspeople. He then witnesses his neighbour Kathy (Janine Perreau) falling in the sandpit. When goes and tells her mom Kathy suddenly appears but again changed.
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31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – Village Of The Damned

space the spooky frontierIn the sleepy little town of Midwich one easy going afternoon, every single person in town suddenly falls unconscious. The military is called in but there seems to be an invisible zone surrounding the town. Anyone entering it from above or on ground falls unconscious.

Several hours later everyone just suddenly wakes like nothing ever happened. But something did happen. Something made every woman in town pregnant. Naturally there’s outrage, scandal and suspicion. The fetus grow at an alarming rate and everyone woman gives birth on the same day. 12 babies are born and all the children have strange eyes, fingernails and hair. Their hair is all a platinum blonde. If the town was uneasy before things have just gotten worse.
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