ICYMI: CBC Covers The New Planet S Subscription Thing

In case you missed it, I was interviewed on both CBC Saskatchewan and CBC Saskatoon this morning about our new crowdfundy-kickstarter thing! Those interviews have been transmogrified into a story:

The papers, produced biweekly by Hullabaloo Publishing, will still be freely available in their traditional coffee shop, pub and street box locations. But, by taking a page from the crowdfunding playbook, Whitworth is hoping to keep the printing press humming.

“Our readers who value our paper, and seem to like us from what we can tell, should have a clear and concise opportunity to support us directly,” said Whitworth.

Subscriptions start at $9.99 for every two issues. There are increasing tiers of paid support that include perks for readers wishing to contribute more.

Read the whole thing here, and, if you want, support our “weird and funny…fanatically fact-based, reality-based and entertaining-to-read” publication here.

NEW: Save The Planet And Get Stuff Too!

Times are rough for alternative newspapers like Planet S. Even though we’re a well-established (15 years this fall!) and, dare I say, affectionately regarded paper, this biz is getting harder and harder. Frankly it’s a challenge to publish this thing every two weeks, let alone make it the kind of high-class fishwrapper we want it to be (and that we think you want to read).

It’s incredibly frustrating:

But such is the sad state of news media nowadays. And sure, I could whine about about how agency and government ads are way down; or how national ads have been extinct for a decade; or how our office, which once had seven staffers, now has two. But I’m not a whiner.

And anyway, there’s good news: we’ve figured out a way you can help.

For as little as the cost of one premium beer a month, upstanding citizens like you can help keep independent media alive in Saskatoon. This ain’t no handout, neither: for your support, we’ll mail every issue directly to your home or office so you’ll never miss a paper!

On top of that, supporters get to pick gift cards to some of Saskatoon’s best restaurants and shops, as well as be eligible for supporter-only contests and giveaways. Details are here. Check it out!

Support Planet S! You’ll be the hero  this galaxy needs — and wants!